Battle FAQs

How does the battle system work?
The best way to learn how to fight is to… fight. To get you started, the tutorials incorporated into the game explain the battle user interface step by step. We highly advise you to go through the tutorials at least once. You can also reset them on the screen of character management if you wish to see them again.

The overview help page is also a nice way to get an understanding about how the battle works in the whole. If you still have any questions, please read the explanations below.
Real time system
The fights happen in real time, which means that the enemies will not wait for you to play before they attack again. While you can adjust the game speed during the preparation phase in the campaign, you cannot pause the battle.

If you have an emergency and need to quit in the middle of a fight (baby crying, boss peeking, bunny chewing the internet cable...), you may close the fights but they will still be finished on the server-side. In some cases you may even enjoy a lucky victory. Rest assured that there never are any bad consequences from a defeat in Campaign mode, and only rating is lost in the Coliseum.
Battle timer
The Battle Timer is basically a clock showing how long each unit in the battle must wait before being able to act again. Units perform a previously queued action (using an ability, move to a new position etc.) when they reach zero o'clock. During the wait, you may change your mind about the action to perform by queuing another.

If several units have the same delay to zero o’clock, only one of them can reach it at time. The rest of the units are frozen until the first one has acted; units never perform their actions at the same time.
Rune Pool
A set of runes available to you is displayed during a fight. They can be used to play ability Charms. You gain one rune when a charm is played, the type of the gained rune depends on the played Charm. Some advanced effects can also allow you to generate more of them. You can have only 10 runes at a time, each extra rune will cause the oldest one to be lost.
Ability Charms
You have a definite set of Charms that you can play at a specific moment, not unlike a hand of cards in common card games. Each Charm has a rune cost and ability effects. If you have enough runes to pay for a charm in your hand, the later will be highlighted and you may queue it up to play when it’s your turn to act.

New charms are automatically drawn from your gear to your hand at fixed intervals. If your hand is full, the newly drawn Charm is discarded instead of being drawn.
Source Charms
Unlike ability Charms, used source Charms are put back to the pool, thus making them cycle following the order defined during the gear building. This cycling pool of 3 to 6 source Charms have weak effects but no cost to play, they are the default action when no ability charms are queued up when a unit needs to act.
Units and Battlefield
Participating units are positioned in the battlefield according to the configuration of a fight. Their remaining life and ability Charms are shown as little bars (green and yellow). You can keep an eye on them to have a general idea about how well the fight is going.
When an ability is used, the affected unit is chosen at random by default among allies if the ability is defensive, or among enemies if it is offensive. You may also choose your own target by selecting a unit first, then confirm your targeting by clicking on the targeting icon which appears on the character. The targeting change occurs immediately with no regard to the battle clock.

It is important to know that the manual targeting may be overridden by some special Charms. For example, some units have protection spells that allow them to take hits for their allies.
Most of Charms have direct targeting, which ignore unit position in the battlefield. However, Charms with Area of Effect (AoE) have their distinct targeting patterns (cross, vertical, horizontal etc.) that make your positioning important, as you may dodge the offensive spells or move to receive beneficial effects.

To move, click on your character to make move icons appear, then click on the direction you want to go. You can only move one step at a time. The move will be executed only when your character acts. The move action is executed after any Ability Charm that was queued.
Victory Conditions
Victory Conditions
In regular fights, the victory condition is to defeat all enemies.
A unit is considered defeated if:
- Its Life reaches 0. It is a loss by K.O.
- Or, it has no charms left in its gear, and should either draw or discard one. It is a loss by exhaustion.

There are however some specific fights where the victory conditions can be very different in the campaign mode. For instance, the gathering mini-games have their own goals that must be achieved in a limited amount of time.
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